Our Top Garage Door Trends in 2022

It is 2022 and a lot of people like to ‘change’ things around in the new year. Is your garage door one of the things that’s on your checklist that needs to be replaced or upgraded? If you are looking to upgrade your existing garage door, you have got several options. 

Having a professional company install a new garage door can not only change the appearance of your garage, but also improve the overall security, especially if your current door is significantly old! 

Here are some of the top garage door trends for 2022 that our experts at The Garage Door Repairman have identified:

A Splash Of New Colour

Did you know that you could completely change the look of your garage door without replacing it by using coloured paints?  A painted garage door can assist and bring a new look to your home if you keep the colour scheme similar to other areas of your house. 

White or light coloured garage doors have always been favoured over the past couple years, providing that elegance and simplistic look to your garage door and is still an excellent option in many circumstances, but darker shades are in favour for 2022.

A very bold and strong colour choice, black is on trend and appreciated for its modern and classy appeal, very easy to match with almost any colour and goes well with any garage door material you choose. Another benefit with this colour is that it won’t show dirt or wear and tear as easily as light coloured door

Choosing Durable Materials

Over the last couple of years, more people are considering garage doors that are durable and provide longevity. Here we’re talking about two different type of doors: steel garage doors and wooden doors:

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors have been known for their aesthetic appeal, overall durability and build quality. They are also available in a variety of styles, texture and colours. Steel doors are a good choice if aesthetics are important to you, and the garage will be used mainly for storage rooms.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are also quite common, they provide a different aesthetic appeal compared to steel doors and give a house an elegant and more vintage look. They are more eco-friendly and can be very customisable. Available in several different designs, wood types and unique personalisable options. 

If you would like to find out more about the different materials available, read our blog post outlining materials to choose from for your garage door.


Glass Windows and Natural Lighting

Garage doors are being used for several different purposes, ie. bar room, laundry rooms, gaming or even a home gym. If natural lighting is something that you would like to add to your garage, then it is worth considering the different glass garage door alternatives that you could pick. Customisations are available with different options for design patterns and a variety of colours to satisfy your individual needs.


Type of Door

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Old in style but still in demand, side hinged doors are a trend for 2022 that has been booming in popularity, with demand rising even more in recent years! Side hinged doors are fairly straight forward to operate, no special mechanisms, and can be easily customised. These types of doors work in your favour if you want to use the garage as an additional room that offers an effortless operation, easy access, a lot more space and good security. Can be available in both materials wood and steel.

Up & Over Garage Doors

An honourable mention would be up & over garage doors. They have been the most popular garage doors in the past, providing function at an affordable price. This type of garage door is best suited for your house if you have a smaller and more compact garage, as it maximises the amount of space you have inside.Can be available in both materials wood and steel.


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Our Top Garage Door Trends in 2022