Different Types Of Material To Choose From For Your Garage Door

Garage doors are available in a wide range of materials like steel, aluminium, wood, fibreglass and many more! Each one has a different purpose in terms of overall appearance, style, climate and aesthetics along with which one will best suit your budget.

Aluminium frames & glass garage doors: Aluminium and glass garage doors are the most popular choice, offering an enticing, modern and contemporary look with a wide variety of design styles for the interior and exterior. The windows on these doors can be customised specifically to allow natural light and privacy requirements to suit your needs.

Aluminium doors do require more maintenance than steel doors and can be expensive, especially with good quality so this is something to consider.

Steel garage doors: Steel garage doors are both strong, stylish and at an affordable price! These doors come in a variety of styles, sizes and you can pick the colour to suit your property. The drawback to these doors are that they can be dented quite easily if not maintained, and they are not good insulators (if your garage is not already insulated!).

Wood garage doors: Wooden garage doors have that ‘vintage look’ with them and almost never go out of style, visually appealing to those looking for a more traditional and authentic look. They can come in a variety of styles, with the option to get windows fitted. Wood serves as a good insulator but these doors need to be maintained and repainted more often to stay clean.

Fibreglass garage doors: Fibreglass garage doors are probably the least common choice but have got good demand in the current market of garage doors. Garages made of this material are less likely to dent or crack and even rust! They are made of a light material so can be a poor insulator but are easier to maintain and budget friendly compared to the other materials.

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Different Types Of Material To Choose From For Your Garage Door