Tips For Buying a New Garage Door

Before you start looking into it, shopping for a garage door may seem like a very simple process, you just pick the colour and whether you wanted it automated and that’s it. However, there are many different styles of garage doors that come in a variety of materials as well and these are all things you need to consider. This blog post should help make buying your garage door a bit simpler

What You Need to Consider

The first thing you need to think about, before looking into all the styles, materials and colours, is your budget. This will help to narrow down the kind of doors you can and can’t have so you don’t end up going over budget.

Generally, when you are looking at prices of garage doors and installation costs, this will be based on a standard sized garage door. If your garage door is slightly larger or smaller than average then you will need a non-standard sized door. This shouldn’t affect the price too much but is good to keep it in mind since every company is different.

There may be some people out there who consider themselves as DIY experts, however, unless you have had experience installing something like this before, it is highly recommended that you have a professional come out and fit it for you. Trying to install this garage door alone can result in it being fitted poorly resulting in the door failing or requiring maintenance a lot more which in the end costs you more money than you would have saved from not getting it professionally installed anyway.

The Types of Doors

Up and over doors are probably the most common door you will see in the UK. This does exactly what you think it would do, it goes up and over into the ceiling of the garage, it is generally the easiest door to install as well.

Sectional doors are a bit more of a complete mechanism, they work in a similar way to the up and over door but they are built in panel sections instead. Instead of coming out before going in these doors fold neatly panel by panel without needing to come out of the door frame at all. These doors offer great insulation and security which you might not have been able to get from another door.

Side hinged doors open like a regular door except instead of just one there are two making the space big enough for cars to come in and out. These doors are great for people who don’t really use their garage for their car and want easy pedestrian access to the garage.

Roller garage doors are like sectional ones, they are made up of panels. However, the difference between these two is that roller garage doors have many panels rather than just a few. This allows them to instead of lying flat against the ceiling, they can curl up into a roll above the ceiling which is perfect if you want to optimise the ceiling space.

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Tips For Buying a New Garage Door