Why Shouldn’t You Carry Out Your Own Garage Door Repairs

Rather than giving you tips and advice on how best to repair your garage door yourself, our latest blog post is going to inform you of the dangers of trying to undertake this task instead of calling in an expert garage door repairman.

You Could Make The Problem Worse

Before we move on to the dangers of carrying out your own garage door repairs, you should take into consideration that you might actually make the problem worse rather than better. Your garage door may seem like a simple mechanism, but they are actually quite complex, and if you try to fix the issue yourself you could end up fixing the ‘symptom’ rather than the problem itself.

Whilst trying to save some money by doing the job yourself, you could cause irreversible damage to your garage door, leaving you needing to purchase a new one, and spending more money than you would have done if you’d called an expert to do the repairs.

As well as causing damage to your door, you could also end up breaking any items that are in your garage or causing injury to yourself.

Personal Injury

Due to the size and weight of garage doors, they aren’t the easiest items to manoeuvre by yourself and can cause serious injuries if handled incorrectly. Many repair jobs require more than one person to complete the required tasks.

The average steel garage door commonly weighs more than 50 kg and wooden garage doors can weigh in at over 100kg. They certainly aren’t something that you’d want to lose control over by trying to handle yourself! The door could easily cause damage to itself, the floor, or anything in between the door and the floor – this could include you, your car or a pet!

As well as the door itself being weighty, torsion springs can be seriously dangerous. Most garage doors are balanced by a torsion spring system – usually mounted horizontally above the garage door opening. The springs assist in opening and closing your garage door and take most of the weight for you.

The danger comes once the springs have been compromised – as they store mechanical energy when they’re tightened, should one break, the tightly wound coils would quickly convert that energy and unwind in a dangerous and unpredictable manner.

To avoid being hit in the face, eyes, or any other body part by these springs, we would recommend that you never try to fix or change these yourself.

Contact The Garage Door Repairman

Even seemingly easy jobs can cause major issues for homeowners. So, resist the temptation to find a YouTube tutorial, avoid injury and know that the job is being done properly. Contact The Garage Door Repairman today for a professional and friendly service – available from 9am – 9pm every day of the week!

Why Shouldn’t You Carry Out Your Own Garage Door Repairs