Increase Your Garage’s Efficiency

Did you know that old and poorly insulated garage doors are one of the main reasons why you could end up paying higher-than-usual energy bills during the winter? Some of the main culprits in this respect include doors that are not properly sealed, leaving uninsulated gaps around plumbing fixtures, draughty garage doors and / or windows, and leaving uncovered gaps between the ground and your garage door. Getting your property ready for the winter includes making sure that your garage doors are energy efficient. Read through three useful tips on how to achieve this.

Leave No Gap Unsealed

Check your garage door thoroughly for gaps or cracks, as these are particularly prone to appear in areas where the door joins the ceiling or the walls. You can do this yourself by installing good-quality weather stripping around your garage doors. This alone can help you save up to 15% on your energy bills.

Bear in mind that there are different types of weather stripping materials, including felt, metal, foam-filled, and vinyl, so make sure to get the type that’s right for your garage. Also, seal any gaps between the door and the floor using rubber retainers that exist specifically for this purpose.

Insulate The Door

Some materials make it easier for heat and warmth to escape than others. This is the case of single-layer aluminium garage doors. A temporary solution is to insulate your garage doors by covering the inside with a layer of double sided foil, foil board, or with polystyrene or polyurethane foam panels. You can also use caulking all around the garage door frame.

Look For Worn Out Parts

Over time and through frequent use, the different components of garage doors will become worn out, letting cold air in. If you have a roller or an automated door, check that the alignment mechanisms are in correct working order. Another thing to look for is the rubber strip at the bottom of non-automated doors, which may need replacing.

If your garage doors are worn out or clearly energy inefficient, keep in mind that the problem will only get worse, so don’t delay and talk to a professional about getting them replaced. At The Garage Door Repairman we are experts in supplying and installing energy-efficient garage doors that add value and comfort to your home.

We have hundreds of models to choose from and can supply virtually every type of garage door in the market, including roller, sectional, automated, wooden, steel, and up-and-over doors. We are always happy to work around your requirements and all our doors come with a one-year warranty. Contact us today to request a free brochure or visit our showroom in Surrey.

Increase Your Garage’s Efficiency