How to Paint Your Metal Garage Door

Whether this is something you have been thinking about doing for a while or just a recent idea, now is the best time to do it. While the weather is still nice and the days are long, now is the right time to do all those odd jobs around the house that you’ve delaying.

Painting your garage door may sound like a simple task, which it can be… providing you know what you are doing. The process of painting your garage door may differ depending on whether it is a pre-primed metal door or a door that has previously been painted. These are the steps you should take in order to get the best finish on your metal garage door.



Cleaning the door properly is extremely important. If there are any stains on the door it could alter the colour of the paint you put on. 

To clean your doors properly, give them a scrub with soapy water and ensure there are no stains or dirt left on them. After the door is clean, go over the surface with a clean cloth to remove any residue leftover from when you were scrubbing the door. Finally, you want to ensure there is no grease on the door by cleaning it with sugar soap and then allow it to dry.


coloured sandpaper

This is where the two processes start to differ. If you are painting a door with paint already on it, then sanding will be required. This ensures that any flaking paint is removed and if you end up with just the bare metal then the primer will be needed. 


paint brush

If the door has not been primed already then this is the time for it to be done. You will need to apply at least one coat of a metal primer to the whole door. You then need to allow this primer to dry before painting, however, if your door has been primed or painted before then you can skip this step.


Up and over garage door

If your door has been previously painted, you shouldn’t paint directly on top of it, instead, you should use an undercoat first.

Now it is time to paint, ensure the paint you are picking out is suitable for metal doors. Once you open it you will need to stir well to even out the colour. 

Apply the paint with either a roller or a paintbrush, however, if you choose to use a roller, try to pick one that uses natural fibres rather than man-made, also, you should go over the final product with a dry brush for the best finish to get rid of any roller marks.

When painting you will have to apply several layers, it is important to remember that several thin coats are better than one thick one. They will dry faster, produce a harder finish and look better, but make sure that between layers, you leave the paint to dry completely.

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