3 Tips to Keep Your Garage Secure At All Times

People usually invest heavily in keeping their home secure with intruder alarms and the latest front door locks however, they often forget about the safety of their garage.

You may store possessions in your garage that are just as valuable as the contents of your home. Bicycles, gardening tools/equipment and exercise machines are just some of the contents generally found in a UK household garage and all of these can be very attractive to a burglar. What could be even worse, is that if you have an integral garage, you could also be inviting them straight into your home.

Here at The Garage Door Repairman, we have put together a few suggestions that we’ve found quite effective over our 10 years of industry experience. Most thieves are looking for the easy option and by ignoring the following tips and advice you could be making your garage a target.


Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition

If your garage door is rotting, dented or generally just old, it won’t provide you with the same level of security as a door that is in good condition. Whether you opt for a timber GRP or steel garage door when upgrading, they are all likely to keep your possessions and property more secure than an old garage door with a broken handle.

 Wooden garage door

 Frosted Windows

A garage with windows is an easy way to show thieves what you have to offer, and whether it is worth their attempt to break in. We would recommend either having frosted windows fitted or applying a frosted film so that it isn’t as easy for burglars to see into your garage. Also, always keep the windows locked when you aren’t there and ensure that they are robust.

Brown House

Security Features

Exterior lighting around your garage is an excellent burglar deterrent as they prefer to work in the dark as it gives them the opportunity to work undetected. So fitting motion sensor lights around your garage is a very effective tactic to scare off someone who is trying to break into your garage.

Along with a motion sensor light, it is also sensible to have an alarm system fitted in your garage if you don’t already have one. Should the thief still be determined to enter your property despite the frosted windows, motion sensor lights, and a secure garage door with a reliable locking system, an alarm system will be sure to deter them, whilst also alerting you and your neighbours that there is something suspicious happening.

Get In Touch For All Of Your Garage Door Needs

At The Garage Door Repairman, we specialise in garage door repairs for both commercial and domestic customers. Should your door be beyond repair, we supply and install a wide range of garage doors made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum security. Get in touch today with our team to discuss your garage door needs. We are always happy to advise on the most suitable and secure options.


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