3 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Garage Door Repair or Replacement

We often get asked if there is anything that you should do in preparation before your garage door fitter arrives at your property. Although we are fully equipped to get the job done, there are a couple of small tasks that if done in advance, can make the job a whole lot faster for you, and easier for us.

Keep your Driveway Clear

Moving your vehicle off of your driveway (but not into your garage!) allows our technicians to park as close to your garage as possible. This makes moving heavy tools and doors not only easier but also safer as this minimises the distance that we have to transport all of our equipment.

Clear the Inside and Outside of your Garage

We’re not asking you to completely empty your garage, or even tidy the entire place up. We are used to working in a variety of conditions as not everyone uses their garage for the same thing. However, when you have children’s toys, gardening tools and old car parts falling out of the door when we arrive, it doesn’t make it the easiest for us to maneuver around.

Taking the time to clear a good proportion of space by the doorway, as well as removing any obstructive objects outside of your garage, such as hanging baskets, means we are likely to get the job done and be out of your way a lot quicker, without causing any accidental damage to your possessions.

Don’t Try to Dismantle Your Old Garage Door

Although you may feel as though you are helping to speed the job along, you are actually just putting yourself at risk. Our technicians are skilled, with years of experience, and are safety trained to deal with garage door repairs and removals. It is very easy to injure yourself or someone else if you are trying to dismantle your garage door without the necessary training.

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3 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Garage Door Repair or Replacement