Common Signs a Garage Door Needs Replacing in 2022

A garage door that is in good condition will keep the contents of a garage safe and secure, while also enhancing the external appearance of a property. But how do you know when a garage door is damaged and needs replacing? Read on to learn the common signs to look out for and to see how The Garage Door Repairman can help when a garage door needs repairing or replacing.

Reasons to Replace a Garage Door

Whether you use your garage as a place to park, as a workshop, or for storage, the door is one of the most important parts of its design. A damaged garage door could be difficult to operate, easy to break into, or noisy to use, and if the door is old it might not match the style of your home. Here are some of the most popular reasons to replace a garage door.

Difficult or Noisy to Operate

If the mechanism of a garage door is old or damaged, it may become more difficult to open and close the door. This makes it tricky to access the garage and can be a particular problem for older people or those who struggle to lift the weight of the door.

It isn’t always possible to automate an existing garage door either, so if you want the convenience of accessing your garage at the touch of a button, you may have to invest in a new door instead.

Old or worn parts can also make a garage door noisy to operate, which can be disruptive when opening and closing the door regularly, especially if you have an integral garage that is connected to your home.

Not Secure

Many of the things commonly stored in a garage are high value items that could be a target for thieves, ranging from cars to expensive tools and gardening equipment. A garage door that is showing signs of wear and tear could be vulnerable to a break in, as any gaps or cracks will make it easier to force the door open.

A traditional up and over door puts the contents of the garage on display when it is open, which could also attract unwanted attention. Switching to a side hinged door is a good solution if you want to keep the inside of your garage out of view, as you only have to open one side of the door to gain access.

Outdated Design

When renovating a property, replacing the garage door might be low down on your list, which means that the style of the door often doesn’t match the rest of the house. Whether you have an old garage door that looks dated, or one that is manually operated and can’t be automated, a new door will instantly modernise the exterior of your home.

As we look to gain more living space without moving house, many of us have converted our garages into gyms, home offices, or play rooms. When the garage is used as an extra room, installing a side hinged door or one that features a pedestrian or wicket door will make the space easier to access.

Garage Is Damp or Cold

Insulation is important, particularly if the garage doubles up as a living space or is used to store valuable items. An old garage door might be letting in moisture or cold air, leaving the garage damp and chilly. If you have an integral garage, this could also mean that heat is being lost from your home, resulting in wasted energy and higher household bills.

Visible Wear and Tear

Over time, a garage door can show wear and tear caused by the scuffs and scrapes of everyday life. From bad weather to bad parking, lots of things can take their toll on the condition of the door, and this can leave it looking less than impressive. Visible damage to the panels of the door is a key sign that it might be time to invest in a replacement, to keep the garage secure and your home looking smart.

How Much Does a Replacement Garage Door Cost?

The cost of a replacement garage door will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The dimensions of the garage and the size of the door required.
  • The style and material of the new door.
  • The manufacturer of the door and whether it is a value or premium model.
  • The installation time, including the removal of an existing door.

When your garage door looks like it might need replacing, The Garage Door Repairman can help. We always aim to repair garage doors where possible to save our customers money, and will always provide honest, impartial advice if your door does need replacing. You can also trust us to deliver honest, accurate prices with no hidden costs, making it more affordable to update your garage.

Replace Your Garage Door With The Garage Door Repairman

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Common Signs a Garage Door Needs Replacing in 2022